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Advanced English lessons online from a qualified and experienced English teacher

Welcome to ellis-english.de, where you can find information about taking advanced English lessons online with me. My name is Judith Ellis, and I am a qualified and experienced (native-speaker) teacher of English as a Foreign Language, with a focus on upper-intermediate and advanced students (CEF/GER levels B2, C1 & C2). I offer lessons online on a one-to-one basis in the following areas:

  • Writing and editing
  • Advanced Grammar
  • Professional English
  • Academic English, and
  • Exam Preparation courses,
  • as well as in other areas based on individual needs.

Are you interested in advanced English lessons online? Follow the links or the menu options to read more about my background as an English teacher and a linguist, my course offers, and how the online lessons are carried out – or send me an email to info@ellis-english.de for more information.

So, you want to improve your English?

Learning a language is so much more than word lists and learning the tenses. It’s a journey – it’s up to you where you want to go, and how long you want to spend exploring.

English skills are an important requirement for many professions today. But any professions where expression, pursuasion, clarity, and professionality in your presentation are important, and you are operating in any kind of international environment, fluency in English has become a must.

English for Professional Purposes

Why do you need English?

From writing for websites to developing business reports, to presenting at conferences, on to preparing academic publications and working as a journalist, and, not to forget, to managing teams and negotiating contracts. There are many contexts where it’s about more than just making yourself understood. Getting it right counts.

But it’s not about perfection, it’s about linguistic flexibility, it’s about your range of expressive potential. Building on your existing knowledge of English, your mother tongue, and other second languages (I usually, but not exclusively, work with first or second-language German speakers), we can expand your expressive and linguistic horizons.

Excellent teaching… unparalleled. I’ve never had a teacher before who could answer ANY question I had about grammar, and make it make sense.

[C2 English Course Participant, 2013-2016]

What English skills do you need?

Using English in professional situations takes many forms, and requires several different levels of formality (register). What’s important is that your langugauge does not detract from your professional competence or your excellence in your specialist area. We can work within your specialist field as well as developing your general English, with a focus on those skills that are most important for your current situation. We will begin by doing a needs analysis of your language level and your current needs, and this can be flexibly adapted to your changing circumstances.

With advanced English, the world is your oyster: Where do you want to go?

You need to pass an English exam for the next step in your career development or to get into your planned course of study? Exam preparation requires not only building your language level, but also gaining greater insight into what the exams is testing you on. For whichever exam you are required to take, it is important to become proficient in the style of questioning, the task types, and the expectations. Even the most proficient language user will not be able to demonstrate their abilities if they do not understand the motivation of the task.

Fine-tuning your English is an adventure – let’s work together to find out where it can take you.

Judith is a dedicated teacher who goes the extra mile for her pupils, but who also expects her students to make an effort. I remember the course as demanding and time consuming, but also fulfilling. Time and again I was impressed at how skilfully she juggled the course material, the time available, and the individual needs of the class members, while keeping the high standard of teaching, and never losing sight of the goal ahead. And the effort has paid off, not only in that I have passed the final exam, but also in that I feel much more comfortable with English. I recognise things I’ve never been aware of before.

[Advanced English Course Participant, 2019-20]