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Writing & Editing Skills

We will cover suitable vocbulary, grammar and structuring devices through working directly on your own writing – be that for business, academic, or creative purposes. Dedicated and customised to your specific language and expressive needs.

Grammar Refresher/ Extension

You are unsure how to structure and express complex ideas? You have a good gut instinct for English, but want to get a more solid grounding? Grammar is the backbone on which everything else depends – and it can be a fun and engaging experience to explore how the language works.

Professional English

You need to give presentations, write marketing texts, or participate in international meetings and negotiations? Lessons will be shaped according to your specific needs, based on regular exchange as to your current and future challenges.

Academic English

Expressing complex ideas accurately and getting the message across just the way you want it. Dealing with high-pressure situations and finding the language to justify your position. You are the expert in your field, and I can help you to present yourself as such.

Exam Preparation

You need to sit an English exam to apply for university, a visa, or a job? Or you are enrolled in a course and need to brush up your skills before the exam? On the basis of a needs analysis and a clear definition of the expectations of the examiner, we can work toward building your skills and knowledge to face the challenge ahead.

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